#PRAYBACK Youth Rally 2014


I had such a rad time with Heath Williams and friends at Church Supply’s Pray Back Youth Rally in Spartanburg, SC. Youth groups from all over spartanburg prayed over their schools and seven of the school attendants in town. It was a really neat event to be a part of. 

Set List:

Furious - Jeremy Riddle

Like a Lion - Daniel Bashta

Forever Reign - Hillsong

Forever - Kari Jobe

Scandal of Grace - United

Let me play on a tractor trailer any day. Playing music outside is the best.


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In this last week I’ve tried to be mindful of how present I am in any given situation. If you’re like me you are constantly thinking about tomorrow. Visioneering for your family, mission or business. It can really get in the way.

I can be with my family at the dinner table or at the park and not really be there at all. Most times I’m not even that deep. Sometimes I just get lost in social media. It’s easy to do. Much easier than having an honest conversation with someone in real life. Lucky for me I just shattered the screen on my mobile, making instagram and twitter on the iPhone a less than enjoyable experience.

I want to be present. I want my wife to know I’m listening to her. For my children to feel valued with my undivided attention. I never want to be so caught up in what could be that I’m not letting God just be. 

Here are a few things I’m trying to do to keep present.

1. Initiate - Initiating conversation puts your skin in the game. It gets you out of your head and into community.

2. Ask questions - Asking questions keeps you in the conversation. It tells the person you’re listening to them and care to learn more.

3. Put the phone down/close the laptop - If one of my kids comes to me wanting to play or show me something, I put my phone down. Whoever you’re with is more important than someone else’s food or pedalboard pic.

Now this drives my split-down-the-middle extrovert/introvert self crazy. But connecting and placing value on whatever I’m a part of is becoming more and more important to me. For the introvert wanting to feel more present this means being pretty intentional with your time. Time away and in your thoughts is super valuable and a must for recharging your batteries. There is nothing wrong with abiding in your phone, but know thatpeople are looking forward to being present with you.

This post isn’t about having it figured out. I know I’ll never be perfect at this but it’s my prayer that this would always be on my heart. That I can be aware and approach those approaching me focused and willing to be in community with them.

Can anyone identify with me on this? Are there things that you do to keep you present? Let me know in the comments below!

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let’s try this again!

Here’s to me trying to blog again! I’ve missed writing. There’s so much more to talk about now. Family, music, business and how I try to make sense of it all. 

To catch you up on where I’ve been and why the blogosphere silence…my wife and I now have a two year old daughter and a two month old son. I went into business for myself producing video for corporate clients, musicians and non-profits. All while still traveling as a musician with a worship ministry. 

It’s busy. It’s hard. It’s fun. We’ve been incredibly blessed. Through the blog, business, music and ministry, my family has been able to be a blessing as well. 

Interwebs, thanks for being so easy going and letting me have a blog again. 

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